The new website

Those who have visited my website before will note the new look and design changes. Those who know me will know I get easily bored. But this is not the reason for the change.

The world has moved on. The World Wide Web has gone mobile.

Most of the world is building apps. Some of them are very nice. But you need different apps for different platforms. This site is built on the very principles of open source using the latest available version of the Drupal CMS. Platform specific apps are an anathema, especially those supporting closed but oh so seductive platforms like the iPhone and the iPad.

This new version of the website harnesses the power of a clever Drupal template (Thank you, Simple themes) to provide a site which is as far as is humanly and technologically possible scalable across phones, tablets and personal computers of all kinds.

It is integrated with my newsfeed on Twitter and provides links to other web-based projects.

Welcome to the second decade of the 21st century. Go forth and access my web site whenever and wherever you are!