Public domain outputs

This page offers a range of full access outputs where copyright exists with me or where the material is in the public domain.


Gillies AC & Howard J (2007) Modelling the way that dentists use information: an audit tool for capability and competency, British Dental Journal, November 2007, Volume 203 No 9, pp529 – 533.

Gillies AC & Patel I (2009)IT and the NHS: Investigating Different Perspectives of IT using Soft Systems Methodology, Studies in Ethics, Law, and Technology, 2009, vol3, iss2, art10.

Gillies AC (2009) The Changing Ethical and Legal Implications of Information in Health: A Guest Editorial, Studies in Ethics, Law, and Technology, 2009, vol3, iss1, art8

Gillies AC (2008) The Legal and Ethical Changes in the NHS Landscape Accompanying the Policy Shift from Paper-Based Health Records to Electronic Health Records, Studies in Ethics, Law, and Technology, 2008, vol2, iss1, art4

Video feed

Gillies AC and Harris D (2009) Improving Human Performance: The systematic approach to improving care and competence , Leadership Forum of the Seniors Health Research Transfer Network, Mississauga, Ontario.

Radio Interview

Alan's interview with Tom Mallow for Internet Radio about the NHS reforms in 2012