Maliapen M & Gillies AC (2010) The Integration of Systems Dynamics and Balanced Scorecards in Strategic Healthcare Policy

This paper uses simulation modelling techniques and presents summarized model outputs using the balanced scorecard approach. The simulation models have been formulated with the use of empirical health, clinical and financial data extracted from clinical data warehouses of a healthcare group. By emphasising the impact of strategic financial and clinical performance measures on healthcare institutions, it is argued that hospitals, in particular, need to re-focus cost-cutting efforts in areas that do not impact clinicians, patient satisfaction or quality of care. The authors have added a real time component to business activity monitoring with the executive dashboards shown as graphs in this paper.
This study demonstrates that it is possible to understand health policy interactions and improve hospital performance metrics through evaluation using balanced scorecards and normalized output data. Evidence from this research shows that the hospital executives involved were enthusiastic about the visual interactive interface that provides the transparency needed to isolate policy experimentation from complex model structures that map strategic behaviour.