Using a contextual link to select the current page

I have applications where users create profile pages, which are then used to match them in variety of situations.
The problem I was trying to solve was to add a block at the bottom of a profile page to prepopulate a new node with the author of the existing profile page.
I used a view as a block set to appear at the bottom of the page whenever the profile content type was loaded. I needed a contextual filter to select the author of the page.
In the view under advance, you can select the contextual filter, bu the initial list of option is unpromising.
After adding Author uid as the contextual filter, you are given the option to Configure contextual filter: Content: Author uid.
For the case when the filter value is NOT available, you are given the following default options:

  • Book root from current node
  • Content ID from URL
  • PHP code
  • Raw value from URL
  • Taxonomy ID from URL
  • User ID from URL
  • User ID from logged in user
  • Variable value

None of which looks very promising.
However under User ID from URL is the additional option: Also look for a node and use the node author
Voila! the view in the block selects the author of the main page and filters the view with this, allowing me to
create a link using prepopulate to rewrite the title field in the block and create a new node with prepopulated fields according to the page on which the block sits.