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Theological Reflections of an Information Scientist (2012) Bearswood Press

This book has been written as a response to the increasing polarisation of the public debate between science and religion. On one side of the debate, there are the “aggressive atheists”, who claim to represent Science. On the other you have religious fundamentalists, who amongst other things insist on the literal truth of Scriptural writings.
This view ignores a huge constituency or people with more moderate views: scientists inspired by a sense of wonder at what they discover in their daily work, religious adherents who hold much more tolerant and inclusive views of the world, or indeed agnostics who either hold no strong view or acknowledge that they simply “don’t know”.
Many people look to science or religion for answers because they feel uncertain about the future. They want nice simple answers that make them feel secure. This book will not provide simple answers. It will try to follow Einstein’s advice that “Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.

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Data Protection for Slightly Bigger Businesses (2012) Bearswood Press

This practical hand book is designed to help small and slightly larger businesses look after their information and the information they hold on behalf of customers, clients and employees.
It covers the Data Protection Act and other similar legislation, standards for data protection (BS10012) and information security (ISO27001) and is designed to help companies highlight their risks, weaknesses and threats.

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Data Protection for Small Business, Kindle Kommon Sense Guide, Kindle edition

This book is designed as a practical handbook for small and medium businesses to help them keep their information safe, protecting a valuable asset and meeting legal requirements.
It is based on EU data protection rules but addresses the needs of companies in US and Canada as well.
It is written in plain English and seeks to provide practical advice and guidance. It has chapters covering:

  • Why Bother?
  • Your Data Protection Obligations
  • The Principles of Data Protection
  • Top Ten Data Protection Problems
  • Ten Steps to a Data Protection Strategy
  • A Data Protection Management System
  • A Five Step Model to Protect Your Data

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Software quality: theory and management, 3rd edition, Bearswood Press.

Software Quality: Theory and Management has been in print around the world since 1992. After the publisher accidentally removed it from the European market in 1998, it continued to sell well in South East Asia and has to date sold over 10,000 copies world-wide. Originally used with BSc and MSc students at the University of Salford, previous editions have been used as a textbook in the UK, Europe, North America and Asia.
However, the contents of the second edition look sadly dated by now, and even core concepts such as development methodologies have moved on substantially.
Therefore, I have decided to produce a third edition which has been updated in both content and method of delivery.

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The Art of Presentation: getting it right in the post modern era, Radcliffe Publishing, Abingdon. (2007)

This informal, fun guide is ideal for anyone involved in public speaking; addressing a group of people in a wide range of situations including:

  • lecturing as part of your day job
  • presenting research findings to your academic peers
  • presenting to potential future colleagues as part of an interview process

These situations are all different, and as with many things, context is everything. Whether you’re working with large or small audiences, there are basic rules for speaking that should never be overshadowed by bewildering presentation technology.

‘This book is about talking. It's one of my favourite activities. Just ask my students, friends, family and anyone else who knows me. The problem is that I believe that the art of talking or public speaking is under threat from technology. The focus of this book is the times when we are speaking in public, addressing a group of people.’

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‘This book leads the reader through all the pitfalls of Powerpoint presentation, and guides us back to the simplest and most effective techniques in the art of presenting. It offers a brilliantly descriptive - even humorous – exploration of how to plan, prepare, and present a talk. This book is easily-readable and left me hurrying to finish, in order that I could trash my next planned presentation and restart using the Gillies Principle. My ‘take home’ message – read this before you start on your next presentation.’

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Older titles

Here is a list of my published books:

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  2. Lilley R Lambden P Gillies AC (2006) Medicines Management For Residential And Nursing Homes: a toolkit for best practice and accredited learning Radcliffe Publishing, Abingdon.
  3. Gillies AC (2006) The Clinicians Guide for Surviving IT, Radcliffe Publishing, Abingdon.
  4. Gillies AC (2003) What makes a good health care system? Radcliffe Publishing, Abingdon.
  5. Gillies AC (2002) Presenting health with Powerpoint, Radcliffe Publishing, Abingdon.
  6. Storey, L Howard J and Gillies AC (2002) Competency in health care, Radcliffe Publishing, Abingdon.
  7. Gillies AC (2002) Health care databases: how to use and build them, Radcliffe Publishing, Abingdon.
  8. Gillies AC (2002) Using research in nursing, Radcliffe Publishing, Abingdon.
  9. Gillies AC (2002) Providing Information for Health for primary care, Radcliffe Publishing, Abingdon.
  10. Gillies AC (2002) Using research in primary care, Radcliffe Publishing, Abingdon.
  11. Gillies AC Ellis, B and Lowe, N. (2001) Building an electronic disease register, Radcliffe Publishing, Abingdon.
  12. Gillies AC (2001) Excel for Clinical Governance Radcliffe Publishing, Abingdon.
  13. Gillies AC (1999) Information and IT for Primary Care, Radcliffe Publishing, Abingdon.
  14. Gillies AC (1997) Improving the Quality of Patient Care, John Wiley, Chichester.
  15. Gillies AC (1997) Software quality: theory and management, 2nd edition, ITCP, London. (SE Asian reprint 2003)
  16. Baugh, PJ & Gillies AC (1995) Excel in health care, Chapman & Hall Medical, London.
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