Here are the abstracts of some of my most recent publications:

Gillies AC & Howard J (2007) Modelling the way that dentists use information: an audit tool for capability and competency

- IT offers many potential benefits to dentists.
- Benefits arise not from the IT directly, but from new ways of working.
- Increased usage of IT must be matched by increased maturity in information management and information governance.
- The Dental Practice Information Maturity Model (DPIMM) offers a tool to help manage this process.

Gillies AC (2007) What Is a Doctorate? A Comparison of UK and European Perceptions in the Light of the Bologna Process.

The purpose of this article is to examine the nature of doctoral degrees in different countries and subjects, and to consider the extent to which there is a common understanding of the nature of doctoral degrees.

The article will first consider the framework for higher education in Europe then describe a personal history to show how this framework may be considered to be simplistic in terms of reflecting the reality of current practice.